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Beautiful Quartz Cluster - The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom
Crystal Vibes, Crystal Aesthetic, Cool Rocks, Green Crystals
The Queen of the Ocean Crown ☆ Quartz Crystal Crown in Sea Blue with Taffeta + Sparkle for a Mermaid
The Aquarius Crown ☆ Mermaid Crystal Crown with Aura Quartz, Taffeta + Stars ✯ Weddings + festivals
Makakū Nani (@makaku.nani) • Instagram photos and videos
Secrets of Secrets Matka Natura, Rock Minerals, Energy Crystals
Secrets of Secrets
Secrets of Secrets
a blue and green piece of glass on a white surface
Everyone deserves a perfect world!
Fluorite by oldrose
a piece of black and white material with orange spots on it's surface, in front of a blue sky
The Springwater meteorite is a pallasite, stony iron meteorite, found in 1931 near the town of Springwater, located about 100 miles west of Saskatoon, in Saskatchewan, Canada. Geology Wonders
a piece of blue glass sitting on top of a table
a piece of green and black rock sitting on top of a table
Rockhound Revival: Photo
Quartz with Chrysocolla: my personal favorite of all the stone as it invokes goddess energy, wards off negative energy, and promotes meditation and communication by aligning one with the divine. #perspicacityparty #magicgeodes #chrysocolla