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an eyeball is shown in the center of space
Eye of the Cosmos taken from the Hubble Telescope
an animal skeleton is on display in a museum
New Flying Reptile Fossil Discovered - Redorbit
New Flying Reptile Fossil Discovered - Science News 2008 - redOrbit. Scientist have uncovered a new fossil species of flying reptile with the wingspan the size of a family car. The fossil has been identified as a new type of pterosaur, by a researcher at the University of Portsmouth, and it’s the largest of its kind to ever be discovered. Scientists suggest that it would have flown in the skies above Brazil 115 million years ago. The wingspan is estimated by Mark Witton to be 16.4ft...
a black and white skull statue sitting on top of a table
STUNNING RAINBOWS Lifesized 7.0" Rainbow Obsidian Carved Crystal Skull, Super Realistic
a rock with some type of animal on it
Pleurocystites sp.
a hand holding a heart shaped object in it's palm
Blue Tigers Eye. A member of the quartz group,
a large diamond is shown in the middle of an ice - covered field with bright lights shining on it
Fire and Ice: Canada’s New 111-Facet Diamond Cut
"God must be a painter. Why else would we have so many colors?" - Alicia, A Beautiful Mind.
a black marble skull sitting on top of a bed
Huge 5.1" Blue Calcite Carved Crystal Skull, Realistic
Blue Calcite Crystal Skull