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a white plate topped with carrots, onions and sprouts next to a fork
A Spicy Perspective {Raw} Beet and Sweet Potato Salad
there is a plate full of red rice and spoons on the table next to it
Grated Beet Salad
beet salad with sesame seeds and parsley on a white plate, ready to be eaten
Sesame Beet Salad Recipe -
roasted beets and carrots with parmesan cheese on a blue plate sitting on a wooden table
Roasted Beets and Carrots with Feta - Craving Tasty
Roasted Beets and Carrots with Feta |
chickpea, avocado and feta salad in a glass bowl on a table
Chickpea Avocado and Feta Salad
Chickpea, Avocado & Feta Salad. Perfect for and easy lunch.
grilled chicken with beets, oranges and pineapple sauce on a plate
Beets and Pumpkin Salad with Grilled haloumi | lifestylezz
Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Beets and Pumpkin Salad with Grilled haloumi Source by philipparr
a white bowl filled with red cabbage and sesame seeds
Simple Sesame Beet Salad
Simple Sesame Beet Salad 1 raw medium red beet, peeled 1 scallion, thinly sliced 1 tablespoon toasted sesame seeds 1 tablespoon sesame or olive oil 1 tablespoon lemon juice Salt and pepper, to taste
a white plate topped with beets and oranges next to another plate filled with sliced fruit
Raw Spiralized Beet & Mandarin Salad with Mint
If you think you don't like beets, try eating them raw, you may change your mind! I got this idea from a meal at a raw vegan restaurant where I tried raw beets for the first time, and loved them. The trick is to cut them thin and let them marinate a little while, perfect for spiralizing! Truth is, I love them BETTER uncooked, and with mandarin oranges and some fresh mint, this is not just delicious, but also beautiful! Sorry I haven't updated here lately, I just completed my new cookb...
three pieces of fruit sitting on top of tin foil
How to Roast Beets -
Make and share this Bobby Flay's Roasted Beets for Recipes recipe from
a salad with beets, walnuts and spinach in a black bowl on a white table
Salade de betteraves aux épinards, noix de cajou, canneberges et fromage de chèvre au miel, citron ... - Recettes Salades
Salade de betteraves aux épinards, noix de cajou, canneberges et fromage de chèvre au miel, citron ... -, #betteraves #cajou #canneberges #chevre #epinards #fromage #salade
beets and carrots in a white bowl with parsley on the top, ready to be eaten
Maple Roasted Beets and Carrots
This maple roasted beets and carrots recipe is an easy, colorful, and healthy side dish. Perfect for your holiday table!
a blue plate topped with sliced oranges covered in sauce and sprinkles
Roasted Beet Salad with Tahini Lemon Sauce – Vegan - Heather Christo
Beet Salad with Tahini Lemon Sauce - Vegan #beet #salad
some food that is on a white plate
Turnip and Potato Patties - Red Barn Market | Recipes
Turnip Potato Patties | As we get into spring, more and more great local produce is becoming available to us. This recipe takes advantage of the fresh local turnips just in from Sea Bluff Farms in Metchosin, and the local potatoes from Lantzville up island.
french fries are on a plate with a lace tablecloth
Crispy Turnip "Fries"
Crispy Turnip Fries | "I LOVED this recipe!!!! I run a child care and it was the end of the day when I asked one of the four year old to help me prepare these. He asked if he could try one. I said sure. Not thinking he would like them. BIG mistake...He loved them and ended up eating half the batch....:)"
a white bowl filled with hummus next to cilantro
Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus Recipe without Tahini | Food Faith Fitness
Jalapeno Lime Hummus - chickpeas, cilantro, garlic cloves, jalapeno, fresh lemon juice, fresh lime juice, salt & pepper, olive oil, water
a person is holding a piece of bread over a bowl of eggs and olives
Lebanese pumpkin hummus - Lazy Cat Kitchen
lebanese pumpkin (butternut squash) hummus. Tahini, garlic, parsley, sesame…
crockpot sweet and spicy ground turkey and sweet potato stew with coconut milk recipe
Turkey Sweet Potato Stew (Video)
CrockPot Sweet and Spicy Ground Turkey and Sweet Potato Stew Recipe with Coconut Milk found on
this is an image of moroccan spiced hummus -&nbspsomething tasty Resources and Information.
Moroccan Spiced Hummus - Packed full of aromatic and vibrant flavours that never gets boring! From Something Tasty
sweet potato, lentil and chickpea curry in a white bowl on a blue background
Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry | Cook It Real Good
Sweet Potato, Lentil & Chickpea Curry
a purple circle with the words meal planning on it and an image of a white chevron
How I Create Healthy Family Meal Plan on a Budget?
How to menu plan to make your week run more smoothly, stay on budget, and stay sane {or, mostly sane}.
a person holding a sandwich with veggies on it
My New Roots
Sweet potato sandwich - My New Roots
the best hummus recipe is made with ingredients like carrots and celery
The BEST Homemade Hummus Recipe in a Vitamix - EASY!
The BEST Homemade Hummus Recipe - Ready in less than 2 minutes! Gluten Free & Vegan /vitamix/ #glutenfree #dairyfree #recipe
two pictures of hummus with olives in the middle
An Ode to Hummus: Olive Hummus
Easy kalamata olive hummus
this thai peanut hummus is the perfect appetizer to serve for any party
Everyone deserves a perfect world!
Thai Peanut Hummus: A simple homemade hummus recipe that's filled with Thai peanut sauce ingredients like Sriracha, garlic, and ginger!…
avocado lime hummus in a bowl with tortilla chips on the side
Avocado Lime Hummus
Avocado Lime Hummus | All the flavors of guacamole and hummus come together in one delicious dip!
two plates filled with hummus and olives
Lebanese pumpkin hummus - Lazy Cat Kitchen
Pumpkin Hummus vegan & gluten-free recipe, YUM! – I Quit Sugar
an image of a bowl of barbecue white bean hummus with bacon and carrots
Oil-Free Barbecue White Bean Hummus
Oil-Free Fat-Free Barbecue White Bean Hummus. Smoky barbecue flavor with a slightly spicy kick, tons of flavor and zero guilt! via @thevegan8
strawberry hummus dip with tortilla chips on the side and strawberries in the background
The official hummus of summer! Strawberry hummus is unbelievably creamy and…
two pictures showing how to make healthy ketchup with french fries on the side
2-Minute Healthy Ketchup
2-Minute Healthy Ketchup | #vegan #glutenfree
green olives and pimentooni hummus dip is an easy appetizer
Green Olive Hummus [Vegan, Tahini-Free, GF] - Watch Learn Eat
This Green Olive and Pimento Hummus is sure to please your party guests and goes great served with tortilla chips, pita chips or fresh veggies.