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My favorite hijabi look of all time. Wish I could find a long cardigan in this…

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Concealed holiday essentials without the added hassle of layering in the heat! Ivory Kaftan with Lace Also available in mustard, online and in store! Pair with our Khaki Soft Touch.

Pinned via Nuriyah O. Martinez | Annah Hariri

Rule if you decided to wear a plain hijab for a plain dress. Contrast it with correct combination colour

Inspired by traditional Kaftan style this is a modern twist to a Kimono style Abaya Can be worn as an over garment or as an Abaya in itself. This dual purpose Abaya is a sure hot seller. Sizing for Kimono style is not according to our standard size chart due to its kaftan/kimono silhouette, adding more fabric. Zipper front makes this a perfect style for new moms as well. Fabric: 100% Poly Kashibo.

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Nah for the hijab


Open front abaya and slip dress stitched together to create a beautiful piece of…

7 Likes, 2 Comments - Dubai (@fashion.1uae) on Instagram: “@loodyana # #dresses #dress #caftan #caftan2017 #fashion #moroccan_caftan_style ‏. #abaya…”

7 Likes, 2 Comments - Dubai (@fashion.1uae) on Instagram: “@loodyana # #dresses #dress #caftan #caftan2017 #fashion #moroccan_caftan_style ‏. #abaya…”