The Honda Super Cub is the best-selling two-wheeler on the planet. Since 1958, it’s sold more than 60 million units. So, as you can imagine, there are some pretty cool custom Cubs around — but few are as cool as the machines being turned out by Holland’s Super Motor Company. This is the latest build from SMC, intriguingly named Dirty Donkey ...

Honda Cub: Dirty Donkey

Honda Super Cub by Holland’s Super Motor Company, The Dirty Donkey

Motor Pertama 71'. CLICK the PICTURE or check out my BLOG for more:

Honda Super Cub model serie www.

Honda 1970 Cub_50. The Honda Super Cub, in its various versions C100, C50, C70, C90, C100EX, C70 Passport and more, is a Honda underbone motorcycle with a four stroke single cylinder engine ranging in displacement from 49 to 109 cc (3.0 to 6.7 cu in). Having been in continuous manufacture since 1958, with production surpassing 60 million in 2008, the Super Cub is the most produced motor vehicle in history.

Honda 1970 The Honda Super Cub, in its various versions

Yamaha FS1-E Fizzy Moped. 1976/77 most teenage boys wanted one of these.

I loved my Yamaha Fizzy Moped

Honda 50 Cub i had one of these when i was about 9

Honda 50 Cub i had one of these when i was about 9

Honda C50 Cub 1965

Welcome to the Super Cub 50 group on Yahoo. This site is specifically geared for the late to late Honda Super Cub.

FS1E's - Yamaha Fs1e

FS1E's - Yamaha Fs1e


James May's Yamaha FS1-E

Top Gear Hosts Motorcycles Up For Sale 3

Yamaha FS1 1986

Yamaha FS1 1986

Original 1975 JDM Super Cub 50 #honda #c50 #forsale #unitedkingdom

don't think I'm overstating to say that his may be once in lifetime opportunity for serious Super Cub aficionado.This 1975 was bought new by motorcycle shop owner about 40 miles from our Japanese sister company's head office on the