Sehun oh ma gawd

Love sign by park chanyeol

Love sign by park chanyeol 😂



Image de exo, d.o, and kyungsoo

image discovered by EXO♡Kyungsoo.

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What the eve chereography should be called: we show off kai’s Body to u thirsty bois

The boys 💕😭

My hunie

My hunnie sehun

Chanyeol the Cinnamon Roll 🧡

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he looks so squishy in this photo

Chanyeol - 160909 Incheon Airport, departing for Bangkok Credit: 그놈. (인천공항 출국)

Chanyeol - Incheon Airport, departing for Bangkok

🔞SLOWLY OF NAENA 🔞 ( pcy : NC 21+)

Chanyeol - 170927 ‘Power’ merchandise Credit: Burn It.

They feeling when the whole group is just a bunch of visuals *Heavily breathing* *instant death*

““everyone~ you guys should know that because of you all i made these abs. i worked out for 3 months and only ate protein for one month.

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