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Spanish Hot Chocolate and Churros

6 reviews
45 minutes

Hot chocolate made with bittersweet chocolate served as a thick and creamy drink. It coats your churros when it's dipped, but still thin enough to drink.

The Best Freak Shakes In Ahmedabad To Look Out For

Best freak shakes in Ahmedabad, to sugar-coat your milkshake jars with extra happiness.Devour these messy delights and decorate your Instagram feed

Honey, Honey! – The Eclectic Kitchen - Crystal Cartier

Okay, this will be the last honey post for a while. I know, I’m obsessed. This is, as of now, the last of a tiny series of sorts focused around honey, which I use for EVERYTHING! It’s delicious chewiness lends itself to everything from toast to stir fry (just a spoonful of honey makes a...Read More

Toasted Coconut Mocha - Homemade In The Kitchen

If you love chocolate, coconut, and coffee, then you'll love these hot Toasted Coconut Mochas topped with homemade whipped cream.

Hot Chocolate Nightcap - Wholesome Patisserie

1 review
8 minutes

A little sneaky hot chocolate nightcap is a beautiful thing during the holidays is it not? A super simple stove-top hot chocolate recipe which you will infuse a touch of rum, YUM! Have you ever tried making or even tasted a nightcap? I hadn’t until I made this one and now I’m wondering why I...Read More »

Rock Paper Scissors | Port Melbourne | A Chronicle of Gastronomy | M

Rock Paper Scissors Cafe

Death by Chocolate Milkshake Recipe Food & Home Entertaining

Black Forest Ice Cream Sundae (Vegan) - Bakemas Day 12

Let’s get to this because films need to be watched, blankets need to be snuggled under and this sundae needs to be eaten



Mexican Coffee Cocktail - Patrick Rosenthal

Heute wird es Dir warm ums Herz. Das garantiere ich Dir. Heißer Kaffee, Tequila, Likör und Sahne. Und wer es noch ein wenig süßer mag, der wandelt den Mexican Coffee Cocktail etwas ab und gibt noch eine Kugel Vanilleeis ins Glas. Am besten schmeckt der Cocktail mit frisch aufgebrühtem Filterkaffee. Ich habe mich für den […]

Vegan Chocolate Brownie Sundae » I LOVE VEGAN

1 review
45 minutes

Some things never really change. I might be 25 but I still enjoy a lot of the same things I liked when I was 12. I still love dogs, I still love Harry Potter, and I still really like frozen desserts. The summer I was 12, I remember patiently obsessively waiting for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to come out, I was...Read More