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At first I was like "OMFG WHEN DID YOU GET SO SLICK YOU LITTLE LADYKILLER" but then it turned into "whoop there it is" {GIF} -E

[GIF] This idiot knocked off his microphone yet remains adorable throughout. Also, I'm so jealous of that microphone stand.

Harry Styles

Normal Day *scroll scroll scroll* *sees this pic* *stops abruptly* hrs later* Doctor: Sorry she is in serious condition, she hit her head pretty hard when she fainted, an it seems her heart may have dangerously skipped several beats.

harry styles

I remember watching a video abouy him and he was crying abouy hate.I started crying and I wanted to go and hug him and tell him everything was gonna be okay but I could because I'm just a regular girl. Khurana Khurana Singh Styles I love you a lot.