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레이 / Lay - 张艺兴 / Zhāng Yì Xìng EXO | Baekhyun | Chanyeol | Chen | D.O | Kai | Sehun | Suho | Xiumin | Luhan | Kris | Tao

레이 / Lay - 张艺兴 / Zhāng Yì Xìng - this expression is why I love selcas so much.

Lay aka bias list wrecker

Even if he's not participating in this comeback, I hope people are mature enough to continue supporting as before. Seeing people look down on Yixing and his achievements makes me not only sad, but also wish that they grew up.

Exo Wallpaper/Duvar kağıdı

“dandelion wishes for EXO♡ Just a simple wish of wishing each of you peace of mind, health and happiness. Wishing you the best in all that you do/dream of doing in Happy new year to dear EXO-L and EXO. Take care and much.

EXO /can I just say how I cried after this pin because my galaxy obsessed bias Kris left/

Fandom :) TBT, EXO-L is a great fandom! I Love all my EXO-L sisters (brothers) even the stans, specially those who capture all those lovely photos but don't hurt EXO or the fandom, I'm talking about bad sasaeng behavior.

#Suho i literally choked on my coffee when i saw this

i literally choked on my coffee when i saw this Brown Hair

EXO we are one!! I don't know what to believe about the recent Kris confusion. There are so many different stories and versions, and nothing confirmed. But no matter what, I will always believe in our EXO!! So let's not accuse or panic, and wait for an official, trustworthy update from our 12 men. EXO FIGHTING! Saranghae!

What will the Galaxy be like without Kris and Luhan?