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there are two kinds of people, those who do the work and those who take the credit try to be in the first group there is less competition there
My life is not a competition. LMAO.. Can't people just be happy for others, instead they gotta go out and do it better but it looks like shit. Bitch please. The only thing that you will ever do better than me is be an evil person. FAKE!! My mama and grandma started me out young, teaching me how to do the crafts that I have learned. I don't run to google every time someone posts something that they have done in their home life. I am a woman of MANY trades. I cook, I can, I sew. Stop being petty!
a quote that says how to have a good day keep your gratitude higher than your expectations
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an image of a quote from the book never be afraid to try something new remember, amateurs build the ark professionals built the titanic
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a black and white photo with the words grads don't measure intelligence and age doesn
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Grades do not measure intelligence...& age doesn't define maturity... #RandomTruths ___Top Ten Quotes Of The Day
a quote that says everyone has a story listen to it before you judge on black background
the text never tell your problems to anyone 20 % don't care and the other 80 % are glad you have them
the words written in black on a white background with green and blue colors, are shown
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