Reply 1988

Sadly, the final episode of tvN's “Reply aired on January bringing an end to the much-loved series. Some of the stars of the hit drama have gone

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park bogum in reply 1998 ✧ unreleased photos thank you, qiyi tv.

Park Bo Gum and Hyeri starring in Reply 1988

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잠시 후 저녁 7시 50분, #응답하라1988 5화 ‘월동준비'가 방송됩니다. “In a while at 7:50 PM, the 5th episode of #Reply1988, 'Preparations For Winter’ will be broadcast. ”

“ In a moment at Episode 5 ‘Preparations for winter’ will be airing.

Hyeri reveals teaser video for Reply 1988

Hyeri reveals teaser video for Reply 1988

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선물 뭐 갖고 싶어? 다 사줄게 #응답하라1988 “What presents do you want to have? I’ll buy you everything #Reply1988 ”

His name is Taek. My number 1 drama and most memorable of Parkbogum drama role as Choiteak.