1865 Ketut Djelantik with The Princess Gusti Ajoe Putu on his arm. You can see the King's foot rests firmly on the girl holding the umbrella. This is to signify he is above her and in control of her. In Indonesian culture the feet are considered unclean and one should never point with the foot, step over someone or touch someone with their foot. Here the King makes a clear statement that this is my daughter, The Princess, elevated on a stool and even with The King and below us are our…

I Gusti Ketut Djelantik with his daughter, The Princess Gusti Ajoe Putu.

De hoofden van de plaats Lebak, waar Multatuli (alias van Eduard Douwes Dekker, 1820-1887), beroemd Nederlands schrijver, assistent-resident was. Indonesië, datum onbekend.

De hoofden van Lebak (woonplaats Multatuli) / The chiefs of Lebak

Plaza Singapura-undated

I came across many old photos of Singapore which I have never seen. Familiar places such as North Bridge road, Bugis street, Chinatown etc, were barely recognisable. Here are some of the amazing photos.

When we lived in Singapore their national motto was: "My Singapore, My Home" - exactly how I feel

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities To Live In

Singapore is the city I have been to the most outside the Philippines - twice or 3 times a year about 20 or so years ago. I ought to go now and look at what's new - visit Marina Bay Sands and ride the Singapore flyer.

Singapore - Change Alley op Raffles Place, jaren 70

Stunning old photos of Singapore you may not have seen before - SENICA Photos

Lido and Shaw Centre. Mum and dad's office was on the 5th floor!

Impressions of Orchard Road in the 1970s

Lido theatre, now Shaw House and Shaw Centre, located at the junction of Orchard Road and Scotts Road

View of Batavia, Hendrick Jacobsz. Dubbels, 1640 - 1676

View of Batavia (Jakarta, Indonesia), by Hendrick Jacobsz Dubbels,