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shredded beef and vegetables in a slow cooker with text overlay that reads crockpot birra tender and flavorful
Crockpot Birria | Spicy Mexican Beef for Birria Tacos and more!
Tender and exploding with flavor, this authentic Crockpot Birria recipe is packed with dried chiles and spices for an addictively spicy sauce. Served as birria tacos or in burrito bowls, it's a perfect easy dinner!
roasted brussels sprouts covered in a honey balsamic sauce with lemon zest and green onions on top
Honey Balsamic Brussels Sprouts
a white plate topped with different types of food
iRick Wiggins on Instagram: "Say “YUM” if you would eat these Pesto Chicken Pinwheels 🤤🙌 How to make them: Spread 1.5 oz cream cheese on a low carb tortilla. Add 1.5 tbsp pesto, 1/4 cup shredded chicken, 2-3 tbsp halved tomatoes tomatoes & 1/3 cup shredded mozzarella. Roll it up as tightly as you can, brush it with butter & slice into 1-2 inch pinwheels. Air fry @ 400F for 6-8 mins & enjoy! This protein packed keto recipe is quick, easy and so delicious 😋"
"Grated Egg Avocado Toast Recipe | Quick & Healthy Breakfast Idea"
"Elevate your breakfast with our grated egg avocado toast recipe! 🥑🍳 Dive into this video tutorial to create this quick and nutritious meal. Creamy avocado paired with grated egg atop toast—a simple yet delicious way to start your day. Elevate your morning routine with this easy and healthy recipe! #AvocadoToast #HealthyBreakfast #QuickRecipe"
a table filled with lots of food on top of metal trays next to cans of soda
Chicken Breasts, Chicken Recipes, Paleo, Baked Chicken, Pasta, Chicken Dishes, Cajun Chicken
Spicy and Creamy Cajun Chicken Bake with Bell Peppers
some food is sitting on top of the counter in front of an open oven with instructions for how to make it
a casserole dish with tomatoes and cheese
Bruschetta Chicken Casserole for a Delicious Clean Eating Dinner Idea!
the best beef stir fry with broccoli and carrots in a skillet
Quick & Easy Beef Stir Fry - The Girl on Bloor