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TEENAGER POST lol that's lunch but its like a trading vented I don't think anyone eats there original lunch among my bffs

Friend: *Shares a bag of chips*. best friends: *Eat them all, then gives you the empty bag* "You can have the rest.

we need to do this in ATL when we go to the MARTA station! (the one with the TALL and long escalador! @amber

Funny pictures about Rob wants to give you a high five. Oh, and cool pics about Rob wants to give you a high five. Also, Rob wants to give you a high five photos.

A girl's laughter, a boy's cry

I sorta disagree with the second part because not all girls cry over meaningless stuff like makeup or clothes or something not worth crying over some girls cry over things that ARE worth crying over myself being one of these girls

teenager posts. ♡

That one time when I need auto-correct, it doesn't work and every other time is like "No! I don't need you auto-correct. You're ruining my life!