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I Want A Spaceship: If I can't explore the galaxy, I can read about the galaxy by the light of my spaceship.

Stunning pieces of art created from recycled computer parts - Promoting Eco Friendly Lifestyle to Save Enviornment - Ecofriend

Upcycled Computer Fish Tanks - iMac iMacquarium Offers Aquatic Life a Geeky Abode (GALLERY)

iMacquarium Fish Tank Built with iMac - FINALLY! an answer to the question: what to do with all those iMac too bad I have a phobia that prevents me from ever getting an aquarium.

Mona, A Functional Sculpture Made From 259 Recycled Computer Mice & the Bones of an Old Chair

"Brazilian product designer Ana Carolina Lima Santos has created “Mona“, a functional sculpture made from 259 recycled computer mice glued onto the bones of an old chair. Santos described the project as a comment on consumer wastefulness.

20 Creative and Cool Ways To Reuse Old Computer Parts

question How will printers benefit tech parts companies? They will benefit tech companies because for the same reason as the last question they don’t have to pay big money to make their parts and they’ll get way more money.