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Yurnero the feared Juggernaut attacks with a flurry of blades, spinning into enemies with Blade Fury and slicing his foes with a fierce Omnislash.

All Dota 2 Heroes :) #dotavideos #dotacollections #dotacomics

All Dota 2 Heroes :) - DotaCaps - Funny Dota Images

Dota2, chunhui shen on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dota2-ed87189c-16ca-4d54-8e9d-28cf2403d800

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#Dota2 Steam :: :: Windrunner vs Drow Ranger #dota2

~Windranger ~Drow Ranger ~Dota 2 ~By entroz

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Valve's New Game Announced, Detailed: Dota 2

Juggernaut Minimal Wallpaper, more: http://dota2walls.com/juggernaut/juggernaut-minimal-wallpaper

Juggernaut Minimal Wallpaper, more…

phantom assassin dota2 - Penelusuran Google

Another fan art of Dota 2 made by me ^_^ This time is Phantom Assassin. Here is my updated version of this with more details and stuffs: trungth.