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a paper cut out of a bunny's head with measurements for the ears and chest
la petite maison de Sylvie
la petite maison de Sylvie: novembre 2016
a basket filled with teddy bears sitting on top of a wooden table next to an image of
Suitable DIY present - super picture | Sewing stuffed animals, Stuffed toys patterns, Handmade toys
Suitable DIY present - super picture
a stuffed animal wearing a pink dress with flowers on it's head and legs
Amada Dolls
three little stars are sitting on a shelf
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Material: felt and cotton fabric. Please, select the color of the hat. Size: 23 / 23cm Due to the sensitivity of the material and sewing the item should be used for decoration. Perfect for decorating a layer. For all the changes to the information, feel free to contact me. Thank you
a stuffed star with a pink bow on it's head sitting next to a plush moon
Pofuduk yastıklar Arya için hazırlandılar #yastik #bulutyastik #aydede#bulutyastiklar #dekoratif #dekor #takiyastigi #cocukodasi #bebek #bebekodasi #yenidogan #uykuarkadaşı
three stuffed animals in dresses on a white background
a stuffed animal is laying on the floor next to two small toy animals that are standing beside each other
Grey kitten with peachy-pink muzzle! ✨ Also, I've been tripping over Calico Critters all day thanks to my daughter. Ah, the joys of working from home. #studioplayroom #luckyjuju
two stuffed animals sitting next to each other on top of a white wooden table with tags
Bunny doll with blue dress. Organic toy. Easter bunny for baby gift. Rabbit doll. Minimalist soft doll. Stuffed animal. Handmade cuddly toy - Etsy Polska
Bunny doll. Rabbit doll. Eco toy. Rag doll. Organic stuffed | Etsy