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Ragam Wisata dan Kuliner Indonesia: Waterfall Malela (Curug Malela) Niagara Falls, Trekking, Scenery, Places To Visit, City, Nature, Pictures, Photography, Travel

Waterfall Malela (Curug Malela)

Curug Malela Curug Malela which in Indonesian means Waterfall Malela, located in the village of Cicadas, District Cavities - Gununghalu West Bandung regency, West Java province, Indonesia. Upstream the river coming from the north slope of Mount Kendeng, a volcano located in the west Ciwidey that have died, the river flows through Cidadap - Gununghalu. Malela waterfall has a height of about 60-70 meters and has five lanes waterfall that seems to remind us of the supreme creator not to forget…

At one point in time, everyone has dreamed of visiting a white sandy beach. These seashores are idyllic to the beach culture to promote escapism from the daily We Bare Bears, White Sand Beach, Tanzania, World, Zanzibar Africa, Water, Outdoor, Oceans, Java

Anyer beach Banten Indonesia

Anyer Beach Anyer beach, a beach in Banten most visited by tourists. Whether it's local and foreign tourists. Every week the beach is endlessly visited by local tourists, especially from Jakarta and surrounding areas. Beautiful beaches with charming white sand make this beach to be one of the favorite beaches. Spot a beautiful and diverse attractions that make this beach increasingly in demand by families when the weekend comes. Anyer beach visit will surely be a vacation or trip that is…

Ragam Wisata dan Kuliner Indonesia: Klayar Beach Pacitan Just Beauty, Places To Travel, Waterfall, Beautiful Places, Java, Landscapes, Beach, Outdoor, Paisajes

Klayar Beach Pacitan

Klayar Beach Klayar Beach is a beach in Pacitan are quite famous, white sandy beach with hills in the vicinity so as to make the scenery was breathtaking and certainly very tempting to visit. Klayar Beach is located in the district area Donorojo, Pacitan, about 40 km from Kota Pacitan. Klayar Beach, in addition to having a beautiful view is also unique in that the rock which naturally has a unique shape, but it is also a fountain of natural and flute sea, fountains natural beach Klayar This…

Senggigi, Famous Beach from Lombok, Indonesia Kuta Beach, Gili Trawangan, Famous Beaches, Cheap Hotels, All Inclusive Resorts, Lombok, Archipelago, Tour Guide, Beautiful Beaches

Senggigi Beach Lombok Indonesia

Senggigi, Lombok, Beach, Indonesia, Laut, Pantai, Wisata, Destinasi

 This is a hidden paradise in the city of garut, West Java, unspoiled beaches and rarely on the visit of tourists Travel Planner, Southeast Asia, Backpacking, Paradise, Java, Island, Explore, Vacation, Landscape

Santolo beach

Santolo Beach Santolo beach is a beach located in Garut, West Java, Indonesia. Garut not only famous for Orange Garut but one of the more popular beaches are in the Coastal Santolo Garut regency. Located in excl. Cikelet, south of Garut city center or the so-called South Garut, Garsel or Garsela, mileage within 3.5 hours drive or about 88 km from Garut Kota. The beach is quite well known in the city and is a popular tourist destination. Santolo Coast region is a gathering of traditional…

Ragam Wisata dan Kuliner Indonesia: Kedung Kandang Waterfall Waterfall, Landscapes, Traveling, Tours, Outdoor, Paisajes, Viajes, Outdoors, Scenery

Kedung Kandang Waterfall

Kedung Kandang Waterfall One more beautiful place hidden among the hills of Gunung, place is quite beautiful and of course there are naturally named "Kedung Occasionally" waterfall that divides the green rice fields bendo ready to spoil your eyes to the lovers of traveling or blusukan, well to reach this place is quite a struggle because after the vehicle left the residents in the house we had to walk approximately 1 KM past the rice field is quite steep, therefore it is very mandatory to be…

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Situ Patenggang Bandung

Situ Patenggang IN underfoot Patuha, exotic lakes, Situ in Patengan, Rancabali subdistrict, Bandung regency, West Java, still continues to radiate charisma. With the water level so calm like glass, and the land area is decorated a number of towering pines, giving a distinctive charm in Situ. The atmosphere around the lake is also very quiet, green natural supported exudes freshness seemed to cheer the soul. Situ is at an altitude of about 1,628 meters above sea level. With temperatures below…

Grande muraille de Chine- Grande muraille de Chine Great Wall of China — Went on vacation with my mom 2008 - World Most Beautiful Place, World's Most Beautiful, Mandarin Oriental, Bukit Tinggi, Photo Voyage, Montage Photo, Great Wall Of China, Amazing Nature, Places To See

Ngarai Sianok Bukit Tinggi Sumatera Barat

Sianok Canyon is a steep valley (ravine) located in the border town of Bukittinggi, in the district of IV Koto, Agam, West Sumatra. The valley is elongated and meandering as the southern boundary of the city of Koto Gadang to Sianok Anam tribe villages, and ended up in the district Palupuh. Sianok canyon has a very beautiful view and also became one of the flagship attraction of the province. Jurangnya Sianok canyon in about 100 m, stretches along 15 km with a width of about 200 m, and is…

Ragam Wisata dan Kuliner Indonesia: Kayu Aro Kerinci (Piece of Paradise) Where The Sun Rises, Palembang, Small Towns, Amazing Gardens, All Over The World, Golf Courses, Sunrise, Waterfall, Beautiful Places

Kayu Aro Kerinci (Piece of Paradise)

Kayu Aro is a district in Kerinci regency, Jambi, Indonesia. Was established on June 12, 1996 under Regulation N0. 47/1996. The central government in Batang Sangir. Kayu Aro plantation Kayu Aro is famous as a tea-producing region. Kayu Aro plantation PTPN 6 is the largest tea gardens in the world in a single stretch. Kayu Aro tea production is exported every aspect of the world and in the country. Probably not many people know Kayu Aro tea grown in the highlands of the slopes of Mount…

Ragam Wisata dan Kuliner Indonesia: Rancabuaya beach Garut in Indonesia Java, To Go, Travel, Viajes, Destinations, Traveling, Trips

Rancabuaya beach Garut in Indonesia

Rancabuaya beach Rancabuaya beach is one of the attractions the beach in Garut, West Java, Indonesia. Beach that has big rocks is directly bordering the Indian Ocean that has waves big enough. What's interesting about this beach is the large rocks were large enough, there is also a rock climbing high enough and a waterfall (Sundanese: waterfall) directly overlooking the beach. Another interesting thing is the number of small fish caught in rocks washed by the waves. Rancabuaya beach is a…

Ragam Wisata dan Kuliner Indonesia: Bukit Batu Ratapan Angin Dieng River, Outdoor, Landscapes, Lifestyle, Outdoors, Paisajes, Scenery, Outdoor Games, The Great Outdoors

Bukit Batu Ratapan Angin Dieng

Dieng, Bukit, Ratapan Angin, Batu, Wonosobo, Jawa Tengah

Cavern Lake Mexico The limestone flow feeding into this underground lake in Mexico resembles a waterfall turned to stone. Maybe the Ice Queen is privy to this particular cavern? Lakes In Mexico, Luray Caverns, Most Beautiful, Beautiful Places, Amazing Places, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Wallpaper Free, Nature Wallpaper, Underground Caves

Kalisuci Yogyakarta

Kalisuci Gunung Kidul was awarded the remarkable ecological beauty. For those who admire the view of the beach, then Gunung Kidul is paradise. You will not run out of stock beaches to visit. Call it a name such as the Turkish coast Kukup, Krakal, Sundak, Drini Beach and Pok Tunggal Beach as an example. And there are many other beaches. Each of these beaches there have characteristics and beauty alone. In addition to having a row of beach that is very intriguing, Gunung Kidul also has caves…

waterfall beach at pacitan, east java Goa, Places To Visit, Around The Worlds, Explore, Vacation, Beach, Outdoor, Beautiful, Malang

Karang Bolong Beach

Karang Bolong Beach Karang Bolong Beach is one of the attractions of the beach is in Kebumen, Central Java. The beach is contoured sloping, sandy quite extensive, bounded by hills clastic sedimentary rocks from the volcano. On this beach there are a lot of birds nest lawet managed by the local government as revenue. Gray sand sized smooth-rough sourced from these rocks. The large wave hit the wall of hills produce enough energy to erode, transporting and depositing back granular rocks. A…

Ragam Wisata dan Kuliner Indonesia: Karang Tawulan Beach Tasikmalaya Golf Courses, Beach, The Beach, Beaches

Karang Tawulan Beach Tasikmalaya

ATMOSPHERE natural and quiet as such is not generally a tourist area, greeted us upon arriving at the Coral Coast region tawulan. As far as the eye can see visible some reefs towering waves buffeted the southern ocean, the sound of the distant rumble sounded pretty creepy. Karang Tawulan Beach Attraction name Coral Coast tawulan, located in Kalapagenep, district. Cikalong, Tasikmalaya, certainly still very alien. Not so with the hobbyist traveling, attractions are located about 90 kilometers…

Pandawa Beach in Bali Opera House, Bali, Building, Travel, Viajes, Buildings, Destinations, Traveling, Trips

Pandawa Beach in Bali

Pandawa, Beach, BAli, Pantai, Wisata, Laut.