Favorite Fashion PINS

Favorite Fashion PINS

I love this long white top and the polka dot skirt! I have a blue jean jacket and a red denim jacket. Things to go with the jackets are needed.

Easy hairstyles

24 Statement Hairstyles For Your New Year's Eve Party

Art Long Wedding Hairstyles Wedding Hair Updos Tutorial (takes practice but way too cool of a hair do) hair-and-make-up

Stacking mismatch bands

Petite Size Bella & Dia Barra FB Moissanite and Diamonds Cushion Halo Wedding Set (Other metals and stone options available) - white gold band, awe!

The Fun Bun

Hair How-To: Half-Updo Messy Braid

I don't usually like red but I like this :)

I love the shorts, tank and sweater! I'm not usually drawn to red but I like this combo. or maybe I just need to get a Target fix lol Casual outfit . I wish I could pull this off, maybe summer Different shoes.not a fan of the shoes!

Headband DIY

Head Scarf for those artistic days. Things needed: Scarf & a Clip or Elastic Band to put your hair up. Comb your hair back to a messy bun or an

Summer outfit

Summer outfit, simple and cute. I could get away with wearing this in the El Paso fall season lol.

夏新作エレガント半袖ラウンドネック切り替えしレースビーズ飾りチュニック - レディースファッション激安通販|20代·30代·40代ファッション

夏新作エレガント半袖ラウンドネック切り替えしレースビーズ飾りチュニック - レディースファッション激安通販|20代·30代·40代ファッション

トップス - 夏新作エレガント半袖ラウンドネック切り替えしレースビーズ飾りチュニック

トップス - 夏新作エレガント半袖ラウンドネック切り替えしレースビーズ飾りチュニック