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in a awkward voice," i like his smile, hehe,haha!!"

Imagine you and Cam were going to Magcon together and he was telling jokes so you started videoing him and he looked and asked are you videoing me and you said maybe

Nash and Cam

Imagine *your going on a date with cam* Nash sends you this video and says Nash✌️: y/n cams fixing his hair for your date You✌️: AWWW leave him alone

I love how Cam is staring off into space <3

Spiders - ritz crackers, pretzel sticks, raisinets or yogurt covered raisins, and can substitute cream cheese for peanut butter. The Hankful House: 15 awesome afterschool snacks for kids

thank you mother nature I had no idea!!!!!!!!!

Even Though Periods make you look bloated… you naturally burn double the amount of FAT during your menstrual cycle. If you exercise… you will act burn TRIPLE the amount of fat on your period. - Thank you mother nature I had no idea!