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an image of meat and vegetables on the grill with text overlay that reads indulgenti lebanese kafta
Indulgent Lebanese Kafta
Our Indulgent Lebanese Kafta features a savory blend of lean ground beef, diced onions, fresh parsley, and aromatic Lebanese 7 spice. Formed into succulent patties or fingers, these delights are grilled to perfection, revealing enticing grill marks. Enhance the experience by adding sliced tomatoes, perfectly complementing the dish. Serve promptly with rice, salad, or in a lavash for a taste of Lebanese culinary delight.
black dal makhani in a white bowl with a spoon and pita bread on the side
Instant Pot Black Dal (Dishoom-Inspired Dal Makhani Recipe)
1h 15m
two bowls filled with rice and meat curry
Creamy Black Bean Curry - The Fiery Vegetarian
a bowl filled with rice and shrimp next to a plate full of salad on the side
Shawarma Rice with White Sauce (one pot)
beef vindaloo with white rice and cilantro on the side
Beef Vindaloo
1h 50m
Recipes, Indian Butter Chicken, Butter Chicken Recipe Indian, Cooking Recipes, Coconut Curry Chicken
Indian Butter Chicken
1h 10m
two bowls filled with chicken tikka masala and rice
a spoon full of rice and herbs being lifted from a skillet with a fork
Authentic Mujadara (Lentils and Rice with Crispy Onions) | The Mediterranean Dish