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Besides the moral of the story..I just would want to run around inside a room full of balloons.

Not just happiness. I hate when people say happiness, when they mean many other things. Happiness isn't everything; this experiment is still true for those who realize that seeking only happiness is shallow. Help others, and you gain much deeper things.

7 Times Tumblr Users Proved They Were Scarier Than Any Horror Film |

Imagine ghost children playing on a playground and becoming best friends with living children. *cough*origin of imaginary friends*cough*

Life is a book! Disney Pumba funny Mind blown theory

and then we write books and what if the characters in there are real too, living their own lives. and what if the people who are writing about us are also just characters in books. and holy inception

This is the best one I've ever tried they normally don't work for me but this on worked so well!!

Does it bother anyone else that the sentences are about as straight as my sexuality.<< well then u ain't that fair from straight but yes the lines are tilted