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Gray Genderbend (Fairy Tail)

The names Grayce Fullbuster, or Gray for short. I'm from Fairy Tail. I'm very cool and collected, but can be "cold hearted" at times. Did I mention I was an ice Mage? I like anything cold and have a striping problem. Nice to meet you.

Fairy Tail Gender Bender academy!!! - Chapter 17: Just Thinking - Page 1 - Wattpad

Read Chapter Just Thinking from the story Fairy Tail Gender Bender academy! by RainbowQuratz (Gender bend love ❤️) with 587 reads.

Genderbend Natsu (Fairy Tail)

Genderbender BUT AWW THATS CUTE NATSU probably the cutest natsu genderbend I've seen so far←even as a girl natsu will still be a bad-ass xD