SHUKR USA | Abaya with Tucks

Abaya with Tucks Save An Islamic fashion classic, this soft and serene abaya is a design you won't want to take off. Comfortable jersey fabric, a forgiving cut, a long neck opening for nursing mothers…Modesty was never so easy.

SHUKR USA | Jersey Pleated Skirt

More than just denim skirts, our wide range of fabrics and silhouettes will keep you covered in style.

SHUKR USA | Salim Galabiyya

Distinguish yourself with refinement in our classic Salim Thobe. The cut is generous to allow for extra modesty and ease of movement.

SHUKR UK | Cairo Shirt

Islamic Clothing UK for Men, Women, and Accessories by Shukr UK

SHUKR Canada | Linen Tucked Pants

SHUKR Canada | Linen Tucked Pants