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1girl black_hair doraemon doraemon_(cosplay) hands_in_pockets hoodie minamoto_shizuka short_hair shuuichi smile solo twintails

black_hair character_hood cosplay doraemon doraemon_(character) doraemon_(cosplay) hands_in_pockets highres hoodie minamoto_shizuka revision short_hair shuuichi smile solo twintails

Reasons why you’re part of the “Descendants of the Sun” Song Joong Ki Craze

Are you part of the "Descendants of the Sun" Song Joong Ki craze? Whether you're a new fan of Song Joong Ki or not, surely you'll agree on one of the reasons we listed here why we fell for Captain Si Jin and/or Song Joong Ki. Song Joong Ki was popular.

Song Joong Ki 2016, Descendants of the Sun

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