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Korean Words for Numbers - Learn Korean

Korean Words for Numbers - Learning Korean- when i was growing up i remember the name of the numbers. they both mean the same so when my mom tells me numbers she says it the way and i was always confused. its good to know Mehr

h-eonno: “Fun Fact~ “이통” means “ear ache”, but is rarely used. It is derived from Hanja, where “이” means “ear” and “통” comes from “통증” which means “pain” “ache” or “agony”. If you have an earache, you can say “귀가 아파요” which means “My ear hurts” ”

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Conjunctions inKorean

Conjunctions in Korean~ Another grammar day, let’s learn some simple conjunctions in Korean to help you connect sentences together!~ *remember to try and sound out each particle before peeking at the.

Learning korean

Learning korean