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a piece of paper with writing on it
10480216_768305783241344_1508708750400805657_n | nicked this… | Cajun Pink Lotus | Flickr
how to draw swirls in the shape of hearts with numbers and letters on it
Art therapy collection; puffle
four squares with swirls on them are shown in black and white, one has been drawn
Image result for Steps to Drawing Zentangle Designs
the process of drawing an intricate pattern on paper with pencils and inking pen
images of zentangle doodles & art journaling wallpaper
ZenTangle Steps for Kids DIY Summer Art School: Zentangle Doodles by Zemberry
a spiral notebook with a piece of tape next to it
A roll of tape and a biro....
Doodling on lined paper, with felt tips, making overlapping circles with a roll of masking tape - fun cheap simple and effective :-)
some type of art nouveau font and numbers
LHF Americana Ornaments font
Americana Ornaments by Mike Jackson
This Doodle Technique Is Super Relaxing
This Doodle Technique Is Super Relaxing