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kit kat milkshake recipe

kit kat milkshake recipe- it was good but too liquidy, and I realized that you can't taste kit kats in milkshakes, so it's not as good as eating them by themselves :-/

Over 100 Milkshake Recipes!

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.Over 100 Milkshakes for the milkshake king. With these maybe he will be willing to try different one's and not always the same old neopolatin milkshakes. A wife can always hope.

Cranberry Orange Smoothie: a healthy way to start your day. Also makes a great post workout treat!

Handful of ice (about 6 cubes) 6 ounce Vanilla yogurt (any brand) cup fresh cranberries cup orange juice 1 large banana (I use mine frozen) protein powder, optional


A very yummy Cookie Monster Milkshake for your kids to drink. It looks awesome and if you have a cookie monster theme for a birthday party for your kids then it fits perfectly.

The Stay At Home Chef: Double Chocolate Fudge Cookie Dough Shake

In this decadent dessert recipe I show you how to make your own frozen cookie dough bites. Then, I put them into a double fudge chocolate shake.