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drumming . .awesome visual of movement

shades of where the drummer has played or moved Drawing visual movement. Try having students take a small video of an activity. Clip a series of still shots, and create drawings that combine the various caught movements.

drum beats

4 way co ordination pop drum beats with quarter note stepped hi hat - Step by step guide

Rock paradiddle phrases 3-1 page 2

Paradiddle phrases lesson 3 - 1 contains 12 exercises. Each exercises consists out of 3 beats and paradiddle fill.

Drumeo - Single Paradiddle Exercises

This video drum lesson will show you four exercises for practicing the single paradiddle!

FreeDrumline Music. is the number one place to find free marching percussion/drumline sheet music and recordings. We support vic-firth drum sticks, remo and evans marching drum heads as well as Yamaha marching percussion drums and drum sets. However, FreeDrumlineMusic.com is a fan of anything percussion related. Pearl drums, Dynasty drums, Tama drums, Mapex drums, and Ludwig drums are all percussion companies that we greatly support as well.  Choosing the right drum stick is very important…

I have my own notation key that I have used with the lines I instruct…but now I think it may be hurting them if they ever choose to march in college or drum corps…

Understanding Notes and Rests in Music Notation - Reference Sheet

Here are some useful guides to reading drum sheet music notation that is used for most of this website