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TOMTO | Graphic Ddesign | Brand Identity |
Recently, I conceived a distinctive corporate identity, logo, and packaging for tomato juice. Drawing inspiration from Japanese design and minimalism, I infused the aesthetics with cute elements often found in Japanese art. The result, in my view, exudes a vivid and succulent charm, capturing the essence of freshness and creativity.
various logos and stickers are displayed on the wall in this graphic design project,
Business Brand Identity | Simple, Meaningful Branding for Coffee Shop ♡.ᐟ
Simple, meaningful brand identity design for a coffee shop. Branding package includes full logo suite, color palette, typography pairing, brand pattern, mockup presentation, and packaging design.
various logos and stickers on the side of a pink box with an orange cat
creating a logo for the candy store "papa kupi"
cute design for a candy store inspired by a harmful child who asks his parents for this particular candy.
two bags with different designs and shapes on them
a blue and orange website design with different images on the front, side and back
A Game for Couples: Social Media Post Template design
Social media post templates for @Agameforcouples. A Game for Couples is a start up brand planning to launch their love and relationship themed playing cards for couples this 2021. For more information, visit their instagram at @agameforcouples.
an advertisement for the exhibition imagine et creee comme un artiste in paris
The Academy of Book Cover Design announces its covers of the year