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a pink and blue background with an image of a woman in the center
metal posters | Collect Your Passions
a blue and white dragon sitting on top of a star filled sky with stars in the background
metal posters | Collect Your Passions
an anime character with a caption that reads, no seras pikachu per yote elegi at i
This Is Leah. She loves pikachu and playing ukulele. Her brother died 3 years ago, but she is very excited to find anew home. Age:6
a woman in white dress holding up her hand next to a pikachu
Love live! Eevee evolution. Hanayo Eevee.
Anime Art, Cosplay
an anime character is dressed in black and yellow
Maki x Flareon <3 Pokemon Manga, Pokemon Characters
Maki x Flareon <3
Nico Yazawa Cosplay Pokemon
Nico Yazawa
an anime character is holding a pikachu in her hand and posing for the camera
an anime character with purple hair and ears holding a cat in front of her face
a blue and white pokemon pikachu sitting on the ground with its eyes closed
ちよすけ (@opurimasin)
Anime Girls