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regular show, mordacai y rigby

regular show, mordacai and rigby fist pump coffee

Im v sorry, but due to the many things going on to in my life, I don't think i can run this account or my tumblr anymore. I might be deactivating for a bit and getting in touch with some people who might be willing to run this acc. V sorry, and will miss you babes all, but my mental health and education is a bit more important. <3

Hunter deserves more than his name once

Quando eu era criança eu sempre esperei que o alien que achou meu balão tivesse ficado feliz.   Machado

pretty much sums up how my mind worked as a kid.

(C) Pozzanghere

my last palm tree pic

Pink + white daisies

For bridesmaid bouquet

Margarida, Flor Branca, Primavera, Branco, Flor, Planta fundo tumblr

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I'm sensitive, you know. I'm not ashamed to say I watched powerpuff girls growing up.

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Who here likes Gravity Falls? It's kinda crazy sometimes, but still fun :).....Dipper is so cute

Gravity Falls - Dipper and Mabel Pines