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an image of a hand with the words vishnu mudra written in it
What is Vishnu Mudra? - Definition from Yogapedia
a woman sitting on the floor with her hands clasped in front of her face and text that reads, varun mudra
Mindfulness, Chakras, Hand Mudras
Mudras you need to master for a healthy life - addicted2learn
a hand making the vulcan mudra sign in front of a white background with red lettering
Буддийские мудры в христианстве
Буддийские мудры в христианстве
Buddhism, Ayurveda, Spiritual Practices, Tantra, Mudras
Буддийские мудры в христианстве
Ancient Knowledge, Hatha Yoga
Yoga Mudras in Orthodox Christian Art: Does it indicate a Hindu-Buddhist Influence?
Symbols, Buddha, Krystal, Joga, Chakra, Kundalini