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Paint tips and tricks

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How to draw a nice picture - Imgur
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Art supplies

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Video by Lawn Fawn Design by team member Yainea. In this video Lawn Fawn Design Team member Yainea shows us how to make a Frosty Fairy Friends card that li
Video & tEXT by Chrissie Zullo Hey guys! Today I'm drawing Sabrina the Teenage Witch and her cat, Salem.  This was drawn on an "Archie" sketch cover, and the tools used in this are:   	Pentel GraphGear1000 Mechanical Pencil 0.7 Size  	Uni Color Lead in 0.   #ChrissieZullo #coloring #coloringdemo #Coloringtechnique #Coloringtips #ColoringTutorial #CopicMarkerColoringTutorial #CopicMarkerforBeginner #CopicMarkertips #CopicMarkerTutorial #drawinglesson #drawingtutorial #dra
Video & Text by PaigeeWorld In this video tutorial will teach you how to draw night skies, night skies through a frosted window and pastel sunsets with Copic markers.   #Backgroundskies #CopicMarker #CopicMarkercolortips #CopicMarkerforBeginner #CopicMarkertips #CopicMarkerTutorial #easycoloring #howto #howtocolor #howtodraw #HowToDrawMANGA #HowtodrawMangaBackgroundskies #howtopaint #howtouseCopicMarkers #PaigeeWorld #stepbystep #Techniques #tutorial

Copic Markers

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Video by KevinOilPainting It´s a great time to escape mid-summer heat and relax over a calming wet on wet painting lesson as we learn how to paint a flowering tree & waterfall. Are you ready to unlock all the potential in your next landscape painting? Use this quick trick for great results.
Video by Alpay Efe The art of painting a realistic sky with all the shadows and highlights. Today we learn how to paint glowing clouds. For thoughts pretty sunsets and sunrises. Today´s artist that will be teaching us how to paint glowing clouds is the talented artist Alpay Efe, that is a professional painter, currently living and working in Germany.

Oil Painting tips and tricks

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Video by The Pohl Barn Productions Yet another resin art video for your all today.  Can't seem to get tired of them, it may have something to do with the fact I haven't gotten my hand on any resin yet.  Iceland hasn't picked the joy of resin yet.  But sit back, and enjoy. Hope you like this video and share with your friends.   #auraraart #canviseart #epoxyresin #hybridart #mountainart #nightsky #northernlights #paintandresin #ReisnArtAuroraSummit #ResinArt #resinartwork #resinhowto #resinpaintin
Long Lasting Phosphorescent, Glow-in-the-Dark Powders
ArtResin FAQs - How can I clean my epoxy resin stir stick, scraper and measuring cup? Great question!!  Cleaning up your ArtResin tools is actually quite easy.  Read our latest blog post to find out how,  And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for lots more great #resintips and techniques, as well as the massive FAQ page at www.ArtResin.com #howdoIcleanresintools #resincleanup


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Video by thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich We have a great beginner-friendly Watercolor tutorial for you today on how to Paint a Cardinal. I find these birds so adorable and So sit back, relax, and join Lindsay in this relaxing painting season as she shows us how to paint a Cardinal bird. We will use basic watercolor supplies and work at a beginner-friendly pace.
Video by kelogsloops Today we have one of my watercolor favorite artists, I´m kind of shocked that I haven't shared more of his tutorials. This guy is a brilliant artist, his painting sends you into a pretty dreamland.


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Video by Correa Art In today´s video, we dive into another landscape painting but this time a Lavender Field. Correa will be sharing with us how he builds up the layer up, so you can easily follow along. With pauses of the video of coarse, no way we can paint that fast. At least thankfully we don't need to, much better to take it at your own pace and enjoy the learning progress. Now let's dive into this easy Lavender Field Landscape Tutorial But back to the point of today´s post.
Video by John Beckley Diving into the chaotic joy of painting an Abstract Painting. In today´s video, John Beckley will be demonstrating his process in creating this interesting painting. SO, reposting this awesome video. Lost this post when I moved servers and decided to re-post it. It´s cool and you know, It always makes me want to paint. Without fail, every time I watch this I'm filled with the need to grab my brushes and paint.
Video Art of John Magne Lisondra We are back tackling painting a landscape with acrylic paint, and this time our subject that caught my fancy is  Old Steam Train in the Mountain. Just something so cute and storybook vibe to it that I just love. Now let´s dive into this charming Acrylic Landscape Painting Tutorial John shows us how to paint this Old Steam Train in the Mountain. Hope you like this video and share it with your friends.


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Video by Morgan Davidson In today´s post, I thought I might share a cool little Portrait Tutorial, using colored pencils.  Color pencils are a medium most us learn to play with early on. I must admit that I haven't tried drawing a portrait with colored pencils. let's dive into this Colored Pencil Portrait Tutorial! Colored pencil portrait tutorial focusing on blending and other tips on how to draw portraits.
Drawing Skin with ONLY 5 Colored Pencils » Hildur.K.O
Video by ArtTutor.com & Kirsty Partridge In today´s video, we have artist Kirsty Partridge, sharing with us in this colored pencil portrait tutorial.  She will be taking us through her techniques for rendering photorealistic skin tones, facial features, and hair.  Great tutorial what I know you will find helpful in your quest to further your skill in Portrait with colored pencils.   #arttutor #ArtTutorcom #coloredpencil #coloredpencilhair #ColoredPencilTutorial #ColoredPencils #ColouredPencil #

Coloring Pencil Tips and tricks

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Video by Unmask Art In this Live Painting with Soft Pastels, the artist will be showing you how to create an adorable fox using soft pastels in an easy step by step tutorial for beginners. And he really dives into the details, this is an easy and relaxing painting tutorial that I know you will learn a lot from. And if you're not in the mood to follow along, then it´s great background company while you work on your own masterpiece. I
Video by Drawing & Painting - The Virtual Instructor In today's video, we will cover Oil Pastel Landscape with Expressive Brushstrokes. This is a great tutorial to get a little deeper understanding of how to Use Oil Pastels with more depth.  The artist really grabs your attention and makes it so easy to follow along and learn from his demonstration.   #expressivebrushstrokes #howtodrawwithoilpastels #howtouseoilpastels #landscapedrawing #landscapeswithpastels #LetsMasterthePastels #oilpasteldraw
How to draw with soft pastels, Beautiful Yellow aconites <3 1

Pastel art tips and tricks

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