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----- back to other sewing projects. Alexander McQueen Kimono Jacket. I made this Alexander McQueen designed jacket from a free pattern, which you can download here

Kimono Dress or Kimono Nightgown garment template from late Egyptian Coptic to the dawn of modern urban fashion.

mutfak önlüğü | patchwork istanbul

mutfak önlüğü | patchwork istanbul

***emekliyim.com***:  ÇANTA KALIPLARI http://niltursamatamerkezi.blogspot.com.tr/2015/02/canta-kaliplari.html

Discussione sulla LiveInternet - Russo Servizi online Diaries Love the aqua handbag at the top!

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Simplicity Creative Group - Burda Style, Caftan Tunic I've wanted these sexy UGG…

Keçe çanta

Keçe çanta

SEWING TUTORIAL - How to make Khimar Poncho

This time we sew khimar-poncho having sleeves and we will try to make khimar more comfortable for the face – we will insert a jersey gusset for the chin area. To sew this kind of khimar I too…