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Keyword Research Tips to Get found on Google | Hilltop Help
Learn what keywords to use for SEO and where to put them on your website to get more traffic for your small business in this free training. Join today!
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Free Power Words List for Online Business Owners | Hilltop Help
Sick of scouring the internet for Google SEO tips to grow your online business? Look no further than this list of 125 power word examples to get you found on Google and boost your engagement and conversions for your blogs! They are easy to use and you can save this list on your desktop for future use! Download today!
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125 Power Word Examples to Get Found on Google | Hilltop Help
Sick of scouring the internet for Google SEO tips to grow your online business or blog? Look no further than this list of 125 power word examples to get you found on Google and boost your engagement and conversions for your blogs! They are easy to use and you can save this list on your desktop for future use!
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Outpace Endurance Coaching and Community Custom Squarespace Website Design | Hilltop Help
In this project we created a Custom Squarespace Website with in-depth SEO, conducted Keyword Research for endurance coaches, athletic trainers, and strength trainers focusing on the Midwest area, and created Blog content to demonstrate expertise with endurance training.
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Web Design for Fitness and Endurance Coaches | Hilltop Help
Outpace Coaching has been in the business of training athletes and beginners for endurance races across the world. From Ironman to triathlon races and strength training, these coaches take a ton of pride in not only getting runners ready for their races, but building a supportive community for active people and they needed a custom Squarespace Website to help them to do their marketing for them!
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Power Words 101: Increase Engagement and Conversions with These Examples | Hilltop Help
The purpose of power words is to increase clicks and conversions for your business. Higher click rates mean your pages will start to rank higher on search engine results and you’ll be able to beat out your competition in the process (RankMath, 2023). Hopefully, this gives you a good idea of the importance of power words and how they can improve both your SEO and marketing. Download my list of some of my favorite power words to use for content creation.
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The 5 Best Tips for New Virtual Assistants in 2024 | Hilltop Help
One of the biggest questions small business owners have when it comes to working with a virtual assistant is what tasks should I outsource to them? While this answer heavily depends on what you do, your business structure, and which tasks you enjoy the most, here are 5 tasks you can consider outsourcing to your VA.
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125 Power Word Examples to Boost Your SEO | Hilltop Help
Power words boost engagement, improve SEO, and build trust with your audience as you create content for social media. Grab this list of power words to use in your blog, captions, and calls to action.
three people sitting at a table with the text 5 skills every virtual assistant should learn
5 Skills Every Virtual Assistant Should Learn | Hilltop Help
Working with a virtual assistant (VA) is a smart way to free up your time and offload the tasks that are outside of your zone of genius. And if your VA has these 5 skills, you're likely to see a bigger return on your investment!
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5 Ways to Attract Local Customers to Your Business with SEO | Hilltop Help
Don't miss out on local traffic to your small business!
three people sitting at a table with laptops and papers on it, text reads how to charge more money as a virtual assistant in 2021 i know because i did it
How to Charge More Money as a Virtual Assistant in 2024 | Hilltop Help
I started out as a VA and quickly realized the power of SEO and content marketing. More money and better clients for an online business meant I could start charging more for my virtual assistant services! read the blog to learn more!
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5 Free Ways to Use SEO to Promote Your Small Business
Once you join the FREE email challenge, you’ll get daily tutorials of SEO tasks you can complete in just 5 minutes or less! Both written and video formats available! In just 5 days you'll learn keyword research, image optimization, how to write meta titles and descriptions, and how to check for broken links. Don't miss it!
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3x Your Website Traffic with Search Engine Optimization | Hilltop Help
Get more clients for your online business with SEO. I’ve learned about SEO in various courses before, but the way you laid everything out in the challenge made it feel so easy and clear.
a woman sitting at a table with a laptop computer in front of her and the words get off the social media struggle bus
SEO Course for Busy Business Owners - Learn Marketing and Get off the Social Media Struggle Bus
RANK Method is my SEO and Marketing Course designed to help entrepreneurs, virtual assistants and service providers scale their businesses with organic marketing- aka no paying for expensive ads! Through strategic content creation and repurposing content across all platforms (including Pinterest!) you can have a long term narketing strategy that pays off for months and even years! Learn more about the program here.
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Create Passive Income with SEO | Hilltop Help
IN JUST 5 MINUTES PER DAY, YOU CAN OPTIMIZE YOUR website for search engines USING MY STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS FOR ON-PAGE SEO. Join my FREE SEO email challenge and make your website beautiful and strategic!