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an electronic device with a crescent moon on the top and a black box next to it
kpop lightstick for dr.
the evermoon logo on a black background
Evermoon y2k version ! Kpop logo dr
Inspiration, Kpop Merchandise, Kpop Entertainment
an electric lamp sitting next to a box on a purple background
LIGHTSTICK (AI) ib: shiftshawty
a close up of a purple and blue light - up object with stars on it
Mave Official Lightstick
a glowing light up stick with a cat on it's head in the dark
a blue and white star shaped vase with stars on the top, in front of a gray background
star lightstik
the dvd cover is shown with many different images and text, including an image of a woman
solo album idea (a sudden rainstorm)
a black vase with blue lights in the shape of a heart on it's side
heart lightstick
#kpop #dr #shifting #aesthetic #star #diamond #blue #heart
seven seven logo on a black background with white letters and the number seven below it