D.O - 160828 After SBS Inkigayo Credit: 시우됴. (SBS 인기가요 퇴근길)

D.O - 160828 After SBS Inkigayo Credit: 시우됴. (SBS 인기가요 퇴근길)

D.O // Love Me Right Teaser // EXO

EXO has just released individual teaser photos for their new repackage EXODUS album entitled Love Me Right. READ MORE: EXO teaser photos + "Love Me Right' repackage album news Kai

{open: Ryan} Girls can. Well, there's no correct way to end this sentence. I sigh and stare at the flowers. You come up and tap me on the shoulder. I turn around, "Yes?

151024 EXO D.O | Incheon Airport to Shanghai

Please let’s try to support Jonghyun, I know he suicided but I give him all my respect. He was a beautiful shining star that lighted up my world of darkness. He was an amazing person, Rest In Peace Jonghyun we all love you so much ❤️

Daily EXO _ Kyungsoo - This is a stage lighting win if I ever saw one...    teeehehe..  nice...

DO KYUNGSOO♡~This has to be the most epic pic of him ever.he looks like satan standing at the door of hell.


D.O - 160722 Exoplanet - The EXO’rDium in Seoul Credit: Rorodrop. Thank you for coming into my life, my beautiful boy.

From evil to angel..haha..

(Pinning this for the original caption >>>>Communicating with father Satan for 4 sec, then suddenly snaps out of it.