The Dutch Colonial Army was the main defense against the Japanese invading the Netherlands East Indies during World War II. In December 1941, Dutch forces in Indonesia numbered around 85,000 troops, a combination of European and indigenous regular soldiers, locally organized militia, territorial guard units and civilian volunteers.

The Dutch Colonial Army was the main defense against the Japanese invading the…

Japanese war crimes occurred in China, Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) and other Asian countries during the period of WWII II. Some of the incidents have also been described as an Asian Holocaust. Historians and governments of some countries hold Japanese military forces and especially Emperor Hirohito, responsible for killings and other crimes committed against millions of civilians and prisoners of war.

Soochow, China, A ditch full of the bodies of Chinese civilians, killed by Japanese soldiers. Japanese war crimes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dutch Navy Cruiser De Ruyter

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320 Dutch Squadron in Dutch East Indies, Members of the Dutch Army training in Indonesia during World War II

Dutch Tank in Java

Battle of Surabaya: A soldier of an Indian armoured regiment examines a light tank (Marmon-Herrington CTLS) used by Indonesian nationalists and captured by British forces during the figthing in Surabaya (Soerabaja).

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