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a pink sign that says, summer gardening tip small differences in planting location have a big impact on growth and blooms
Choosing a Planting Location
Small differences in plant location can have a big impact on the growth and blooms of your summer flower bulbs.
an orange flower with the words summer gardening tip plants with dark foliage add contrast to the garden all season even when they aren't flowering
Using Foliage in the Garden
Use plants with dark colored leaves to add contrast to the garden.
blue flowers and green plants with the words useful summer gardening tips cool colors in the garden make the space appear larger
Garden Color Theory
Use cool colors in the garden to make the space appear larger.
many different types of flowers with the words grow a monochromatic garden this spring
How to Plant a Monochromatic Garden
Plant a monochromatic garden this spring based on different color schemes. Plant bulbs this fall all in the same color but different shades for a one color garden.
Bearded Iris Companion Plants
Plant late spring blooming perennials and bulbs with bearded iris to create a vibrant and diverse garden of color and texture. Bearded Iris Companion Plants: • Peonies • Columbine • Allium • Catmint • Salvia • Oriental Poppies • Cranesbill
white flowers with the words flower suggestions plant a moon garden and watch your garden glow
Moon Garden Ideas
Use spring flowering bulbs to create a moon garden and illuminate your garden space at night.
green plants with text overlay that reads expert advice learn how to create a garden with foliage
Create a Foliage Garden
Use plants with interesting foliage of different colors, textures and size to create a leafy paradise in your back yard.
flowers that are blooming in the garden with text overlay
Spring through Summer Blooms
2 garden suggestions that will ensure you have blooms from spring through summer.
a colorful flower with the words, a cut flower for every color of the rainbow
Colorful Cut Flower Garden
Plan for cut flowers in your vases in every color of the rainbow this summer. Cut flowers in red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, green and violet that bloom in summer.
an info sheet describing the different types of plants and how they are used to grow them
Planting Guide
a young child sitting on the ground next to an apple patch with apples in it
Planting flower bulbs in 5 steps -
Planting flower bulbs in 5 steps - Discover flower bulbs
someone is digging in the dirt with some onions
Planting flower bulbs in 5 steps -
Planting flower bulbs in 5 steps - Discover flower bulbs
blue flowers with the words new blog post top 12 true blue flowers to plant this fall
Top 12 Blue Flowers
Blue flowers are rare in nature--but there are some options for this cool color in your garden. Here are our top 12 picks for bulbs that are planting in fall and bloom in spring with blue blooms!