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a drink and some food on a table with the words skrewball & bailey's sugar cookie cocktail
Skrewball & Baileys Sugar Cookie Cocktail
Mix up a cocktail that tastes like a sugar cookie with Skrewball peanut butter whiskey, Baileys, and vodka. This brown sugar rimmed drink comes together in just 15 minutes, making it the perfect quick and easy cocktail recipe. This recipe can be made with any peanut butter whiskey you like including Bird Dirg, Skatterbrain, Hard Truth, Sheep Dog, or Sqrrl.
three glasses filled with green liquid next to chocolate cookies on a white platter,
Thin Mint Shooters Rock My World - Tamara Like Camera
Thin Mint Shooters Rock My World - Tamara Like Camera
two martini glasses filled with the best samoa martini
Samoa Martini
a glass bowl filled with white russian ice cream
Peanut Butter White Russian Christmas Cocktail
a margarita cocktail with limes on the rim
Lime Drop Martini
Lime Drop Martini - Mantitlement
two glasses filled with sugar cookie martinis
Sugar Cookie Martini | Dishes Delish
four glasses filled with marshmallows and topped with chocolate on the side, text reads s'mores martini shooters
S'mores Martini Shooters | Wisconsin Mommy
a tall glass filled with whipped caramel bourbon coffee cocktail
Salted Caramel Bourbon Coffee Cocktail 3.12 Lorelai out of Water
the best salted caramel buttered rum recipe
Salted Caramel Buttered Rum
lemon meringue martini with whipped cream and garnish on the rims
Lemon Meringue Martini - A Delicious Limoncello Cocktail Recipe!
toasted marshmallow marzini desserts with text overlay that reads toasted marshmallow martini
Dark Chocolate Toasted Marshmallow Martini
two glasses filled with cheesecake martinis on top of each other, and the text reads dessert in a glass
Cheesecake Martini Recipe: Just Desserts