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a sign with donuts on it that says, donut forget to check out a book
Donut forget to check out a book bulletin board
two children sitting at a table with books on it and the words how to set up a library orientation for teachers
Create a Customized School Library Orientation for Teachers -Looking Backward – No Sweat Library Lessons & Management That Works
bookshelves with the words my library sign language includes free printables on them
My Library Signage (& free downloads)
the very hungry caterpillar is on the floor in front of other paper cutouts
Mini Golf at the Library!
there is a sign that says never mind card next to some books on the shelf
some type of font that is in different colors and sizes, with the words on each side
Kaitlynn Albani
a colorful bulletin board with lots of school supplies on it and hanging from the ceiling