Recipes using foraged and wildcrafted foods and edible flowers. Learn to preserve and ferment your wild foraged foods, as well as use them in delicious recipes…
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a glass full of beer next to a bowl filled with green leaves and the words, nettle beer recipe with stringing nettles
How to Make Nettle Beer Recipe | Homestead Honey
dandelion soda recipe naturally fermeted with a ginger bug in a bowl
Dandelion Soda Recipe (Naturally Fermented with a Ginger Bug)
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delicious and nutritious pancake recipe that is easy to make with only three ingredients
Delicious Acorn Pancake Recipe
Did you know that the acorns in your backyard can be turned into delicious pancakes? Learn how to process wild harvested acorns, leach out the bitter tannins, and turn them into a delicious flour! #foragedfoods #foraging #acorns
elderberry syrup recipe in a jar with berries and leaves
How to Make Elderberry Syrup
Elderberry syrup is a powerful immune booster and so easy to make! Keep batches of this elderberry syrup on hand for when feel a cold or flu coming on. Learn how to make elderberry syrup with this easy tutorial and recipe. #elderberrysyrup #herbalrecipes #herbalism #coldandfluseason #elderberries
how to harvest and preserve persimmons in the fall or winter with this easy recipe
How to Harvest and Preserve Persimmons
American Persimmons are a delicious Autumn treat. Here's how to harvest and preserve persimmons so you can enjoy their unique and sweet flavor all winter long. #persimmons #AmericanPersimmon #harvest #foodpreservation
a piece of cake sitting on top of a metal pan with the words persimmon cake
Persimmon Cake Recipe
Turn your persimmon harvest into this delicious persimmon cake! Moist, with a light spice, this persimmon cake makes a wonderful breakfast or dessert treat. #recipes #cakerecipes #breakfastrecipes #persimmons
a glass cup filled with liquid sitting on top of a table
Roasted Dandelion Root Coffee
Coffee has been bothering me for some time and I decided it was time to go caffeine free. How did I do it? With homemade roasted dandelion root coffee. #foraging #coffee #dandelion #dandelionroot #natural #healthy #homesteading #homemade
various pictures with flowers and soaps on them, including the words 50 + ways to use yarmow for food & medicine
50+ Ways to Use Yarrow
Yarrow is a common wild herb that’s useful in both the kitchen and medicine cabinet. This list of yarrow uses and recipes covers everything from biscuits and beer to salves, soaps, and tinctures.
purple flowers and green leaves with the words how to make wild foraged clover flour
How to Make Wild Foraged Clover Flour
Getting your daily bread can be tricky if you’re out foraging. There are a number of wild plants that can be used as a wild foraged flour substitute, which will help stretch your food stores in times of need. They’ll also add flavor, nutrition and just plain fun.Clover blossoms can be ground into a flour substitute that can substitute for up to 1/4 of the total flour in a recipe.
homemade dandelion jelly in a mason jar with a yellow flower next to it
Dandelion Jelly
Dandelion jelly is super easy to make with your spring time edible flowers and is like sunshine in a jar. It’s the perfect way to brighten your morning toast!
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lavender and dandelion jelly recipe in a mason jar
Dandelion Jelly with Lavender
This simple Lavender dandelion jelly recipe tastes like a floral infused honey that is perfect for toast, crackers, and more. Learn how to safely can this jelly for long term food storage and gift giving in this simple step by step guide. #homemadejam #canning #foodpreservation
12h 15m
a glass bowl filled with green leafy herbs on top of a wooden table next to a
Stinging Nettle Chips
Move over kale! Stinging nettle make an amazing spring foraged treat! #foraging #stingingnettle #herbs #natural #realfood
elderflower ice cream recipe for elderflower liquer
Much Ado About Elderflower
Elderflower Ice Cream Recipe #elderflower #icecream #recipes #homemade #foraging #herbs #desserts #summer
a bowl filled with soup next to pine cones on top of a wooden table and text overlay that reads 30 - recipe for conifer needles
30+ Pine Needle Recipes: Drinks, Desserts, Syrups, Balms & More!
Evergreen conifers are amazing trees in many ways, but did you know that they are edible? They are, and they make very tasty cookies, drinks, syrups, and even balms! Learn all about the delicious recipes that you can make with foraged conifer needles. These conifer needle recipes are all you need! #coniferneedle #pineneedle #recipes