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the best apples for hard cider
The Best Apples for Hard Cider | Homestead Honey
a glass of wine sitting on top of a tree filled with fruit
17 Uses for Crabapples Your Family Will Love | Homestead Honey
homemade black walnut liquor recipe in a wine glass
Homemade Black Walnut Liqueur Recipe (Nocino) | Homestead Honey
how to bottle hard apple cider in 3 easy steps with pictures and instructions on how to use it
How to Bottle Hard Apple Cider - Homestead Honey
an apple cider with the words how to make hard cider in 5 easy steps
How to Make Hard Cider in 5 Easy Steps | Homestead Honey
1h 20m
the best fire roasted jalapeno - grilled hot sauce recipe is here
Fire-Roasted Pepper Fermented Hot Sauce Recipe | Homestead Honey
a glass full of beer next to a bowl filled with green leaves and the words, nettle beer recipe with stringing nettles
How to Make Nettle Beer Recipe | Homestead Honey
dandelion soda recipe naturally fermeted with a ginger bug in a bowl
Dandelion Soda Recipe (Naturally Fermented with a Ginger Bug)
9h 4m
how to make a ginger bug for homemade sopa recipe with honey and ginger syrup
How to Make a Ginger Bug for Homemade Soda | Homestead Honey
making butter in a jar with kids is an easy and fun way to learn how to make butter
How to Make Butter in a Jar with Kids
1h 0m
cranberry salsa recipe in a jar with fresh berries and limes on the side
Fermented Cranberry Salsa Recipe
Sour with a kick of spice, this fermented cranberry salsa will be a welcome addition to your holiday menu! The perfect complement to Thanksgiving turkey! #thanksgiving #recipe #cranberrysauce #fermentedfoods
how to make acorn pancakes with almonds in the pan and then topped with butter
How to Make Acorn Pancakes
Did you know that the acorns in your backyard can be turned into delicious pancakes? Learn how to process wild harvested acorns, leach out the bitter tannins, and turn them into a delicious flour! #foragedfoods #foraging #acorns