Art of Swords

Kris Dagger Dated: century Culture: Javanese Measurements: overall length cm

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Woman in armor

repair-her-armor: “ deepredroom: “ A reminder that “male” armour usually works just as well with female bodies. If you’re trying to design something practical, useful and historical looking (or even.

Art of Swords

Keris Dagger Dated: century Culture: Javanese Measurements: overall length 46 cm


Olympic Fencer Nzingha Prescod for The Imagista.Photographer: Susannah Benjamin Stylists: Ani Hovhannisyan and Stephon James Makeup Artist: Yuko Mizuno Hair Stylist: Nelson Vercher

Art of Swords

Silver mounted Kris Dagger Dated: century Provenance: Bali Measurements: overall length cm

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In the summer of archaeologists from the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo discovered a Viking burial ground in Langeid in Setesdal in southern Norway. In one of the graves they made the dis.

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Mystery surrounds inscription on Magna Carta sword found in River Witham archaeologicalnews: “ A medieval sword linked to the Magna Carta is causing a bit of a mystery for historians at the British.


Type of object: Armor and Weapons Material: bronze Period: Insular La Tène Find spot: River Thames, London Country: England Date: c.