Dewi Azhar

Dewi Azhar

Indonesia / Beauty Wedding,Fashion,Mehndi Hena, Decoration. Info Henna Art, Handmade Accessories (fabric n wire) contact me WA +62 813-9197-4465
Dewi Azhar
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DIY body wrap

Can't believe how well this actually worked! Was bored one night and decided to do it.totally worth it! Was down 4 inches overnight, and another 3 inches the next night. Where has this been all my life?

{blossom hues}

Inspiration ---> Colors for baby girl---blossom hues-- so pretty! Love the green and the blue especially. I take these, import them into PSP and use the color picker to grab the color. You can save the swatches, too. Should work in PS and PSE.


Combines several beautiful colors: contrasting shades of yellow, orange, coral and violet. At first look bright colors don’t annoy but rather attract attention. This color scheme can be used in summer.