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a book that is sitting on top of a tree
The STAR in This Book
What I thought funny for the title, turned out contained so many insights to achieve a state called calm and find a solution.
a dog sitting on the floor next to a sign that reads make time how to focus on what matters every day
A Better Way to Start Our Day
An overwhelmed ADHD was looking for a book to help her get out from boring way of life and achieve more. She read Make Time.
the book pachinko is next to a bowl of soup
Early Education
It’s a good book to remind us about early education for a child.
the book gadisk ketchup is next to a bowl of salad and a plate of greens
Memories of the Past
Learning more about Indonesia in the past and some of the moment in this book also reminded me about the life I have left behind in Eastern Java.
a book sitting on top of a blue boat in the sand next to the ocean
A Leap of Faith
What I learned from Hotel Magnifique by Emily J. Taylor made me think about how my next life's chapter would be.
a person holding up a card that says castle charlotte cat among the pigeons on it
Emotional Distress
I will never get bored reading Agatha Christie for its twisted plot and surprises at the end of each story.
a book that is stuck in a tree by the beach with blue sky and water behind it
Cognitive Biases
Observing human behavior from the way people think of a subject, or object. It's fun to know that we are all have our own cognitive biases.
the book daisy jones and the six by taylor jennyns reed is sitting on a ledge
That 70's Band Story
My reading experience on a popular band story in the 1970's about their journey to be rock 'n roll stars.
this book will make you kind of happy by henry james garrett is on the ground next to some plants
Human Behavior
Your philosophical source of being kind and why you must being kinder. Of course in a fun way! :)
a person holding up two books in front of their face, with the cover open
Egyptology x Fiction
If you love Egyptology and you need a book that represents the myth and magic of ancient Egypt, just make sure you add this series into your collection.
a person holding a book with a dog laying on the couch in front of them
Ancient Beauty
This book has brought me back into the beauty of art history. I love how she explained about the courtyard house layout. Reminded me to such a good days learning art history!
a person holding up a book in front of a tree
Read this Book if You...
... are an economist whose one of your job is research and predict what will happen in the future by differentiate noises, biases, and facts you want to believe.
the last dragon slayer by jasper fiorde is held in front of a white wall
From Watching the Movie
A story when the Medieval times meets modern tech, where the dragons meets the TV show.
the book is being held up by a person's hand on a wooden table
A Curious Mind
A curious mind was reading such an interesting title. Who cannot resist the temptation of being curious?
a person holding up a book in front of a building
A Woman's Supremacy
It's a story about how a young woman fights to find her freedom in a men's world. ❤