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Italian Style Appetizers | Olive Oil Bread Dip
Olive oil bread dip is one of the classics of Italian restaurants, this simple appetizer can be made in less than 5 minutes, click to bookmark it and you'll be one of the party topics next time ! #italian #italiancuisine #oliveoil #bread #dipping #dip #foolproofliving #appetizers #appetizersforparty #appetizerideas
a hand dipping bread into a bowl of olive oil and herbs with the title above it
Olive Oil Bread Dip - The Best Bread Dipping Oil - Cooking Carnival
homemade pizza sauce in a white bowl with a spoon on top and the recipe below
Easy Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipe (5 Minutes)
This easy Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipe is made in 5 minutes with 8 ingredients. This no-cook sauce is truly the best pizza sauce recipe ever - developed from my experience working in a Chicago pizzeria!
a bowl of creamy cream sauce with shrimp on the side and a slice of lemon next to it
Sherry Cream Sauce
Learn how to cook this easy sherry cream sauce recipe that pairs well with a fish or seafood dish. This creamy sherry sauce is ready in only 20 minutes using 6 ingredients!
the classic spinach ravioli recipe is easy to make and delicious
Classic Spinach Ravioli
This Classic Spinach Ravioli is both creamy and delicious. You’ll love the homemade alfredo-style sauce mixed with spinach and cheese ravioli that make a more grown-up version of a favorite classic pasta dish. The best part? This recipe makes for easy cleanup because it all cooks up in one skillet!
spinach and cheese ravioli recipe in a skillet with a spoon scooping out
Spinach and Cheese Ravioli Recipe
a fork full of pasta with shrimp and parmesan cheese being lifted from it
Fettuccine With Shrimp Sauce
chicken with peas and potatoes in a skillet on a white table top, ready to be eaten
Chicken Vesuvio
a green plate filled with pasta and meat
My hubby and I had trouble walking back to the kitchen after eating this. Blame it on the deliciousness
Boursin Cheese Pasta
Boursin Cheese Pasta: Creamy, dreamy, and utterly delicious. Elevate your pasta game with this Boursin cheese-infused recipe!
two pieces of cake sitting on top of a plate covered in powdered sugar next to a christmas ornament
La Befana Cake: Honouring The Old Witch of Winter
a cake with cranberries and pistachio toppings on a gold plate
Italian Christmas pudding cake recipe
Not strictly baking, this cake, but a beautiful assembly of candied chestnuts, mascarpone, panettone, chocolate and pomegranate. Bellissima!