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a pineapple and blue custard cocktail in a glass with text overlay that reads solar eclipse cocktail for the total solar eclipse
Total Solar Eclipse Cocktail (April 8, 2024)
Celebrate the upcoming total solar eclipse with this special blue pineapple cocktail recipe. I designed this show-stopping sip to represent the transition from sunlight to darkness to sunlight that will occur on April 8, 2024, as the eclipse passes over North America. Although it looks fancy, you can create this drink very easily with just a handful of ingredients. It’s also customizable based on your preferences since it works beautifully with rum, tequila, or gin. Mix up some of these Solar Eclipse Cocktails and enjoy the show!
a glass filled with liquid sitting on top of a table next to sliced lemons
Lunar Lemonade Eclipse Drink For Kids
Lunar Lemonade Eclipse Punch For Kids - Fun eclipse party recipes! Make this moon lemonade drink for your lunar eclipse party, solar eclipse party drinks or for galaxy drinks for kids party themes #solareclipse #lunareclipse #eclipseparty #partydrinks #kidsdrinks #punch
there is a drink on the plate with an orange slice next to it and a spider
First, let me admit I stole the black moon ice ball idea from The CocktailCouple (@CocktailCouple), it was too cool an idea not to ...
four pictures showing how to make solar eclipse drink for kids with lemons and sun
Solar Splash Eclipse Party Punch Drink For Kids
a person holding up a cookie with the words eclipse party food ideas
20 Solar Eclipse Party Food Ideas
solar eclipse cookies.20 Eclipse party food ideas. Space birthday party food ideas. moon cookies. sugar cookies and oreos.
two pizzas with cheese and pepperoni on them
Eclipse Pizza #DarkRecipes #SolarEclipse
Eclipse Pizza is a super fun way to celebrate the total solar eclipse! #DarkRecipes #SolarEclipse