I am high skill in packaging designer, photographic & sketches is my hobby.
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The easiest way to recolor artwork in Adobe Illustrator is by using the recolor artwork tool. Follow this tutorial to learn how to use it.

Learn how to automatically recolor patterns and complex graphics in Adobe Illustrator using the recolor artwork tool and custom color swatches.

packaging / Olio Flaminio by Giovanna Gigante / Corporate Design #corporatedesign

Cardboard wine purse packaging / Package design / PD / Olio Flaminio by Giovanna Gigante / cardboard Does this mean we can dump the crazy flocked junk @ upscale markets and arrive w/a crazy "smart" gift?

Salt Water

Antonius Bui - Your song How beautiful is this feat of handmade typography? Antonius Bui meticulously cut the handwritten lyrics of a song out of paper, creating a sheet of artfully intertwined letters.

Illustrator keyboard shortcut

Shortcuts: "abbreviated substitutes for argument that avoid the hard work necessary to provide facts expert opinion and analysis of warrants most common uses of shortcuts are clichés in slogans" pg.

Fun Realistic Drawing - the impact of a drop on water

Fun Realistic Drawing - the impact of a drop on water Here is a drawing of a drop of water that affects a water surface , the effect reminds reality Matérie.